In the Dream House

In the Dream House

Carmen Maria Machado


Diesen Titel gibt es bisher noch nicht in deutscher Übersetzung. Er hat mir allerdings derart gut gefallen, dass ich dennoch einen Büchertipp geben wollte:

Machado's book (by calling it a "novel" I would probably miss the point) is a prime example of literature's capability to expand the reader's grasp of existence.

"In the Dream House" invites us into the mind of Carmen Maria Machado - human, woman, artist, victim, hero - witnessing her recreating a past in an abusive relationship. The reader is able to observe through her writing a glimpse of reality he or she would never be able to experience otherwise. Machado's writing style is irresistible and so is her way of telling her story by using every imaginable literary genre and device to subsequently tell her story from an almost infinite number of perspectives. Blissfully one drinks the nectar-poison of this piece of literature, willingly accepting to be changed by it. Embracing the birth of a new experience in our mind - indifferent to whether it may have been born in joy or misery. In the end it means another valuable piece is gifted to the reader's archive of reality.


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